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Care & Maintenance: FAQ

How soon can I use my new concrete?

  • Allow 5-7 days for concrete to cure for small vehicles and 7-10 days for larger vehicles. Concrete cures slower in cooler weather.

Do I have to reseal my concrete?

  • Concrete sealer has been applied to your project.

    • Decorative concrete should be sealed every 2–3 years to maintain its architectural luster. However, lengthening this time will not hurt the concrete.

    • Applying sealer too often can cause issues.

    • Heavy coats of sealer, or a buildup of sealer applied many times over the years, will lead to moisture trapped under the sealer. In time, the sealer loses adhesion and makes the sealer appear white to the human eye. Eventually, it will peel or flake off the surface

    • If you are not sure if your decorative concrete slab needs sealer, sprinkle some water on the surface. If it beads up, you can wait. If it absorbs and makes the concrete look darker, it may be time for a new coat of sealer.

    • Light broom-finished slabs without color added should be resealed every 3-5 years using a penetrating sealer.

    • Please contact us if you would like a quote for re-sealing.

What can I use for ice in winter?

  • Avoid using salt or other de-icing chemicals on the concrete as this can damage the surface. Use any non-chloride-based traction grit for slippery surfaces.

What other things can hurt my concrete?

  • If possible, rinse off pet urine from decorative concrete as it is extremely acidic and can cause damage.

  • Water from drain tile or rain gutters running beneath the slab may cause settlement cracks.

  • Avoid dragging patio furniture or other items on fresh concrete. This may result in surface scratches and scratches in the decorative concrete sealer.

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